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About Us

Du-Hope International Group has developed over twenty years in China's opening-up and reform process. Since 1988 when the company was granted the right to import-export, it has been cherishing values as its core, the cause as its common pursuit, professional ethics and related regulations as well as management as its orientation, so as to stimulate the staff's responsibility and creativity, cultivate teamwork, and enhance general efficiency. For years, the company spares no efforts to integrate and boost its enterprise cultural characteristics; its integration of values and definition of objectives is to provide guidelines for the group's development; its enhancement of the staff's quality is to foster a brilliant team with healthy growth; its adoption of cultural administration is meant to stipulate its internal operation; its emphasis on the stimulus mechanism is to improve work efficiency and morale for greater achievements; its propelling of creativity and competitiveness is to advance the renovation and innovation of the enterprise; its molding of the brand culture is to establish and better the image of the group. 

Throughout its growth, Du-Hope International Group has continuously made positive attempts to cultivate and perfect its unique culture. Meanwhile, it adheres to the principle of combining its culture with its operations, reform, development and management, so that in an unnoticed way the company has made a giant leap from spirit to material. Passions and sweat mold the past while rationality and persistence creates the future. In the future, centering around a developmental strategy, the construction of the backbone force, and basing on the building of human resource management systems, we will strengthen the leading role of the enterprise culture, quicken the pace of fostering a creative staff, and create a staff with unified notions, tough styles, a reasonable structure, excellent skills, and orderly replacement. 

Development has been the inexhaustible power source and innovation of the soul of Du-Hope International Group. Faced with challenges and risks, we will preserve our hardworking spirit and bravery, aiming to "set up the first class co-win platform", "integrate resources, realize the brand strategy, implement the integrative strategy, create joint values, dedicate ourselves to the combination of individual, enterprise, and society", and construct an enterprise platform for the mutual growth of team, individual, and society, so as to realize the co-win situation of individual, enterprise, and society.